AMD Ryzen 9 3900X Processor

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  • Model: AMD Ryzen 9 3900X
  • Speed: 3.8GHz up to 4.6GHz
  • Cache: L2: 6MB, L3: 64MB
  • Cores-12 & Threads-24
  • Memory Speed: 3200MHz



AMD Ryzen 9 3900X Processor Price in Bangladesh

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Ryzen is a brand of x86-64 microprocessors designed and marketed by Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) for desktop, mobile, server, and embedded platforms based on the Zen microarchitecture. It consists of central processing units (CPUs) marketed for mainstream, enthusiast, server, and workstation segments and accelerated processing units (APUs) marketed for mainstream and entry-level segments and embedded systems applications.

The AMD Ryzen 9 3900X is a 12-core/24-thread processor AMD is pricing at $549, about the same as the current Core i9-10900K street price. Ryzen 9 5900X's CPU cores are built on the same 7 nm silicon fabrication process as the Ryzen 3000 "Zen 2" processor, but with several refinements to the microarchitecture. The biggest change with "Zen 3" has to be the company doing away with the 4-core CCX and unifying all cores of the CPU chiplet into a single 8-core CCX. Even within the CPU core, AMD Ryzen 9 3900X has worked to reduce latencies, improved branch-prediction, optimized the execution engine, fattened the front-end and load/store units, and deployed faster caches, which has a direct impact on IPC, or single-thread performance. IPC is the single biggest contributor to gaming performance, and the 19% claimed IPC gain over "Zen 2" should mean AMD has taken the gaming crown since the "Zen 2" architecture wasn't too far behind "Comet Lake" at gaming to begin with.

The AMD Ryzen 9 3900X is almost as fast. As for Intel's 10-core, 24-thread 10900K, AMD Ryzen 9 3900X doesn't really stand a chance, with AMD's latest chip clocking in a cool 30 percent faster. It's a similar story when you look at video encoding as well, with the X264 v5.0 benchmarking recording an impressive 75 frames per second against the 10900K's 52. That's a 45 percent lead for AMD's latest chip. And this time we also see the 5900X outperform the 3950X, not by much, but enough to make you realize how much of a heavyweight this chip is. As far as temperatures and power draw goes, there's nothing alarming to report here. As already mentioned, AMD has stuck to the 142W socket power, and that's what we saw under heavy lead. When idling, where cores are turned off and not a lot is really happening this drops to 25W, which is pretty impressive. The maximum temperature peaked at 81°C, which is comparable with the AMD Ryzen 9 3900X. As far as the games are concerned, there are a few takeaways here. The first is that the overall performance has shot up in some titles—just look at the F1 2019 score for proof of that. Compared to the 3900X you're looking at a 20 percent increase in performance. Far more important than the improvements over the last generation though is the fact that there's now effectively nothing between the 5900X and Intel's top Core i9 10900K.

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More Information
Processor Cache Total L2 Cache: 6MB Total L3 Cache: 64MB
Brand AMD
Base Frequency 3.8GHz
Maximum Speed 3200MHz
Maximum Turbo Frequency 4.6GHz
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