Intel Dual Core 3.0GHz Processor

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  • Brand: Intel
  • Model: Intel Dual Core 3.0GHz Processor
  • Processor Speed: 3.00GHz
  • 2MB Cache

Intel Dual Core 3.0GHz Processor Price in Bangladesh

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Dual-core refers to a CPU that includes two complete execution cores per physical processor. It combines two processors and their caches and cache controllers onto a single integrated circuit (silicon chip). It is basically two processors, in most cases, residing reside side-by-side on the same die. Keeping it straight Dual-processor (DP) systems are those that contains two separate physical computer processors in the same chassis. In dual-processor systems, the two processors can either be located on the same motherboard or on separate boards. In a dual-core configuration, an integrated circuit (IC) contains two complete computer processors. Usually, the two identical processors are manufactured so they reside side-by-side on the same die, each with its own path to the system front-side bus. Multi-core is somewhat of an expansion to dual-core technology and allows for more than two separate processors.

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More Information
Processor Cache 2MB
Brand Intel
Base Frequency 3.00 GHz
Threads 2
Default TDP 65 W
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