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Hp Laptop Price In Bangladesh| Pavilion ProBook EliteBook Envy Omen

Find Hp laptops price in Bangladesh one of the authentic laptop brands who design slim stylish and more durable laptops pavilion proBook eliteBook envy omen with Intel core i3 core i5 core i7 also ryzen 3 ryzen 5 processors.

HP laptop was founded by Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard in 1939. Their first product was an audio oscillator and one of their first customers Walt Disney. Disney used the oscillator to test audio equipment in the 12 specially equipped theaters showing Fantasia in 1940. HP entered the computer market with the HP 2116A in 1966.

Latest Hp Laptop Price in BD 2022

Hp Laptop List Price in BD

HP Pavilion 15-eg1043TX Core i5 11th Gen MX450 2GB Graphics 15.6" FHD Laptop Price Bd


HP Pavilion 15-eg0568TU Core i7 11th Gen 15.6" FHD Laptop Price Bd


HP 15s-du3048TX Core i7 11th Gen 15.6" FHD Laptop


HP 15s-fq2644TU Core i3 11th Gen 15.6" HD Laptop Price Bd


HP 15s-fq2643TU Core i5 11th Gen 15.6" HD Laptop Price bd


HP 15s-du3561TU Core i5 11th Gen 15.6" FHD Laptop Price bd


HP 14-dq2055wm Core i3 11th Gen 4GB RAM 256GB SSD 14″ FHD Laptop price bd


HP Pavilion, HP Probook, HP Envy, HP Elitebook, HP Pavilion Gaming, HP Omen

Daffodil has a vast collection of hp laptop of core i3, i5, i7 processor. Hp is the most popular brand in our country. Its mechanism is superbly worked. Every parts made with high configuration. Hp brand has launched a huge diversity of model with reasonable range laptop in the market. It stands for its standard and certain unique features. This brand never compromised with their quality. Some update model in hp brand are very light weight which is easy to carry. So people can easily carry for their needs like school going, college, university, business meeting. People may also do their any other works for example giving presentation, make design, excel and so on. Hp laptop has come many different series like covers HP Pavilion, HP Probook, HP Envy, HP Elitebook, HP Pavilion Gaming, HP Omen & Spectre with attractive price. It has detail specifications, information on attractive features that available in HP laptop.

HP Laptop is very easy to use and so much light weight that carries everywhere easily like school, college, university, business meeting. Every works can do possible in very easy way with this brand laptop. We have a huge stock of hp laptop so you can choose your preferable product from our website daffodil.

Best Budget Laptop for students and Office work

Whether you are a school, college, or university student, HP offers you a wide variety of budget computers for students. These affordable laptops are designed for students to meet any learning needs. It doesn’t matter what courses you took; you can use a portable computer for educational purposes such as reading, taking class notes, and lessons. Alternatively, the reader needs access to basic multimedia files. But they are also ideal for office users or small business management. These laptops are also ideal for basic office tasks. HP has a series of laptops that fit the entry budget available. Among them, the series worth mentioning are HP Chromebook Laptops, HP Pavilion, HP ProBook Basic notebook.

Best HP Laptop For Business Owner

Business or International Companies require Laptops with similar functionality. These laptops are commonly called Business Laptops. HP has a number of business laptops available. Namely, HP Elite Dragonfly, HP elite Folio, and the HP Elite series are some of the most popular HP Business Laptops.

Best HP Laptops for Professional Graphic Designer and Content Creators

Professional Graphic Designers and Content Creators have a much-needed computer requirement to edit images, videos, and any other graphic content. This requires a portable computer that can handle multiple tasks at once. HP always has powerful laptops designed especially for graphic designers and content creators. In these portable computers, deep-rooted, easy-to-use user experience was integrated into the goal of working for professionals, beginners, and everyone in between. wherever you are in your design life. Hp will always have the best portable computer to accomplish your graphic design work or your content creation needs. Other popular HP Laptop Series are HP ZBook Studio, HP Specter, HP Mobile series, HP ENVY X360, HP Specter, HP OMEN, and HP Victus Notebooks.

The latest HP Gaming Laptop

Laptops for gaming are designed to deliver consistently high performance. Although similar to Graphics laptops they have special sports-focused features. These features include very efficient Cooling units, Dedicated Graphics card hole, RGB Special light, etc. HP has been producing great portable Gaming computers throughout the budget. HP manufactures both powerful Intel and AMD gaming computers. You will find at least one HP gaming laptop in every budget. The most popular HP Gaming laptop series are HP OMEN, HP Victus, and HP Pavilion Gaming Notebook.

latest Premium HP laptops

HP has a limited number of laptops targeted at Premium budget users. They are on the line about functionality and beauty. These laptops are upgraded to a chipset level to ensure performance and often come with some special features such as a stylus-supported touch screen display, UltraThin body and more. These laptops are usually powered by high-performance CPUs like the Intel Core i9 or Ryzen 9. This premium list of HP laptops includes the HP Specter X360, HP Omen, HP Victus Series of laptops.

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