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MSI laptop Price in Bangladesh |MSI Stealth MSI Summit

Looking for an MSI laptop in Bangladesh then visit Daffodil Computers you may get the MSI laptop's best price in Bangladesh. Daffodil is providing Home delivery on every MSI product. Order online or visit our shop. 

MIS laptop is one of the biggest gaming laptop brands. MSI first built its reputation on developing and manufacturing computer motherboards and graphics cards. It has gaming laptops, gaming RAMs, desktops, monitors, power supplies, gaming motherboard, computer cases,  liquid coolers for gamers and content creators, to all-in-one PC. its laptops have the best gaming processor and impressive audio system. MSI  is famous for its gaming laptops. These laptops are very popular with gamers and streamers.

Revolutionary products 

In 2000, MSI introduced its first set-top box product (MS-5205). In 2003, its first Pen Tablet PC product (PenNote3100), and in 2004, its first Notebook product (M510C). In 2009, They introduced their first Ultra Slim Notebook (X320), and first All-in-One PC (AP1900).

What makes MSI laptops the king of true gaming.

1. Best gaming processor and GPU: GT75VR is the Intel Core i7 7820HK processor with over 4GHz and GPU: Nvidia GTX 1080.

2. Quality cooking system for longer gaming sessions: The GT75VR has Cooler Boost Titan while the GE63VR and GE73VR have Cooler Boost 5.

3. Smoother framerates: HD display at 120Hz and the GT75VR is a wide-angle 17in baby.

4. Mechanical keyboards from SteelSeries illuminate every key to your choice: The GT75VR has a per-key RGB backlit feature. That means that each key can be lit up individually in more than 16 million colors.

5. HI-FI DAC and pure audio output: The GE63VR and GE73VR house a Dynaudio full-sized audio chamber which is 3x bigger this time around.

6. Faster streaming and low latency: The GT75VR Titan is the world’s first laptop to equip 10GbE Killer Ethernet in a gaming laptop.

7. Raid into your games in split seconds: The GT75VR is optimized in RAID 0 with MSI’s Super RAID 4 delivering blazing-fast boot-up and game launch.